As the President and CEO of MBM Investments Corp., Michael Beattie has gained the reputation of a professional experienced in assisting troubled companies in reclaiming their financial strength. Michael provides high quality construction and professional operational guidance to organizations around Toronto and nationally throughout Canada.

Michael Beattie began gaining valuable experience during his time at Lakeview Holdings where he was eventually promoted to President of Operations. Through his tenure at Lakevue Holdings, Michael honed his skills in a variety of areas including buying and managing companies in trouble, mergers and acquisitions, working in leveraged buyouts, and developing financial sponsorship strategies for public and private equity companies.

During his six years at Lakeview Holdings, Michael was involved in closing deals with combined assets of $12 billion including Federated Department Stores, Revco, Blackstone, KKR, BC Partners and Procter & Gamble. He is currently on the Board of Directors for Lakeview Trust, which puts him in a position to oversee their portfolio investments and land trust.

Michael Beattie has used his project design and construction experience to bring about key strategies for clients that employ cost effectiveness. Clients that benefit from his expertise include those from construction, road engineering, road operations and maintenance areas.